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3 things to add to your to-do list

I live by to-do lists. If something’s not on there, it’s not getting done. Whether I will have forgotten about it without the reminder, or if I wouldn’t get the satisfaction of being able to check it off the list. I like that my to-do list can be a helpful organization tool to plan my day, and that it can also be a parking lot for items I need to do later and not worry about at the present moment.

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Top 4 Yoga Brands for Nursing Mamas!

One of the questions I’m asked the most is what is the best nursing-friendly activewear out there. After I was cleared to practice and teach yoga again after having #yogababy, I searched high and low for clothes I could wear as a yoga teacher, teaching with my baby, needing to breastfeed mid-class, that still supported my postpartum body. To find support AND convenience was near impossible, until I found the following brands. They not only supported my postpartum journey, but helped make my breastfeeding adventure a more enjoyable one!

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The 6 ways to get back into yoga postpartum

After having a baby, the feedings, the poopy diapers, and the sleep (or lack thereof) take priority. It seems like you may never have time to focus on yourself. Hell, taking a shower or going to the bathroom is near impossible, how can you find time for yoga? During pregnancy, your body changed, grew, and built a BABY!! During labor, your body endured trauma. Now, postpartum, your body is healing and is ultimately not the body you once had, nor will it ever be again. But that’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the change, and come back to (or start) a yoga practice that allows you to keep sane amidst the sleep deprivation and spit up.

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Top 4 Brands for Maternity Yoga Wear

Finding yoga wear that is colorful, strappy, or trendy is easy. But finding yoga wear that is comfortable is a challenge. Then try finding yoga wear that fits and supports a pregnant belly or allows for easy nursing, and that’s impossible. This pregnancy, I was on a mission to practice yoga until the end, and therefore needed clothes that supported that mission. And in my mission, I found 4 amazing brands that have helped me from 12 weeks to 40 weeks, and will still be my go-tos once this little guy makes his appearance. These 4 brands every #yogamama-to-be and new #yogamama need to know about.

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top 5 benefits of working from home

Not only a catchy song, but working from home is also a way I’ve been able to find balance in my life! When I came back to my full-time job from maternity leave, I discussed the ability to work from home two days a week. With a commute of almost 2 hours each way, it meant less time with #yogababy, and I couldn’t have that! So many benefits to this benefit: 


4 less hours of commuting means 4 more hours with my #yogafamily. More time to snuggle in bed before having to jump up and get ready. More time to eat breakfast together. And opportunities here and there to grab a quick hug in between meetings. I finally felt like I had work-life balance when I was able to see my little guy grow up for more than just an hour every day.


As a mama, sleep is hard to find! But now, 2 days a week I get an extra hour of sleep and still get in an extra hour of work as well. It’s a win-win! And that much needed sleep is keeping me sane and helping me function even better every day.


As a mama, quiet time is near impossible. Working from home, I’ve been able to really focus on my work and my tasks at hand, without being bothered. No stop bys to my cube, no loud phone calls happening in the cube next to me. Just me, my computer, and the ability to truly focus.


I’m a big snacker. It helps me stay energized and keeps me away from that midmorning and midafternoon crash. At work, I try to snack healthy, but sometimes have to default to what’s easiest—which is usually something out of a vending machine. When I’m home, I have all my recent grocery store finds to choose from. My latest favorite, Outshine Fruit Bars, is healthy and sweet. Especially on the 90 degree days this summer without AC, they kept me cool, hydrated, and allowed for me to have a sweet snack midday that was good for me too.


You had to expect this one from me! Working from home means lunch break can be more than eating as quickly as possible at my desk. It can mean taking a much needed mental break from my work to practice yoga, calm my body, and reset my mind. While I try to do this when I’m in the office, practicing a quick few poses get a lot less weird looks when I’m home rather than in my cube!


I’ve been able to find my work-life balance by working from home with spending time with family, sleeping, finding quiet time, snacking, and practicing yoga! While some managers won’t be as understanding as mine have been, my productivity and positivity in the workplace speak for themselves. And I’m so glad I can find that balance I need as a busy full-time mama, with a full-time job, and teaching yoga part-time!