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pose of the week // november 30 2014

camel // ustrasana

Camel pose, or Ustrasana, is a pose of opening and extension. Sitting on your heels in Hero's pose, with your toes tucked (or untucked for an extra challenge), send your hips forward while reaching behind you with either hand, holding onto your heels. Find extension and length through your spine as you send your head back without straining your neck. And shine through your belly and chest as you gain energy and stretch in this pose.

pose of the week // november 23 2014

reverse prayer // pashchima namaskarasana

Reverse Prayer, or Pashchima Namaskarasana (I don't know how to pronounce it either!), is a arm position for openness and stillness. In a standing or seated position, you can find shoulder opening, a forearm stretch, and wrist traction by bringing your arms behind your back, allowing the palms to meet. If you have to much tightness or large muscle definition and your palms can't meet, you can hold either wrist, forearm, or elbows as a modification. 

pose of the week // november 16 2014

goddess pose // deviasana

Goddess pose, or Deviasana, is a pose of power and beauty. Standing wide legged, with feet about three feet apart, turn your toes out slightly. Bend deeply in your knees as you sit back, keeping a straight and natural spine as you sink down. Bring your arms to either side as cactus or goalpost arms. Find strength in your legs, stretch through your hips, and a power and pride through your upper body.

pose of the week // november 9 2014

reverse warrior // viparita virabhadrasana

Reverse Warrior, or Viparita Virabhadrasana, is a variation of Warrior 2, and a pose of opening and power. From Warrior 2, turn your front palm upward, reaching over head with that hand and reaching downward toward your back toes with the other. Find strength in your legs, length in your side body, and an opening through your chest. Flow from Warrior 2 through Reverse Warrior for a lengthening Vinyasa flow.

pose of the week // october 26 2014

mountain pose // samasthiti

Mountain pose comes in two different forms - Samasthiti and Tadasana. There are many different definitions of why these are the same and different. But my take is that Tadasana is a more active pose, where you find strength and balance in your standing posture. Samathiti is more of a calming pose, an opportunity to find stillness and center your mind. As the weather continues to cool down, Samasthiti is a pose is an opportunity inside and outside practice to ground yourself in the present and find peace.

pose of the week // october 19 2014

warrior 3 // virabhadrasana 3

Warrior 3, or Virabhadrasana 3, is a pose of balance and length. Starting from Warrior 1, bring weight into your front foot, leaning forward and sending your back foot out behind you. Extend your arms forward, creating a straight and strong line from the tip of your back toe through the tips of our fingers. As with all Warrior poses, find a true sense of power in your body and mind.