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finding calm in a life of crazy

As a yogi, finding peace and zen is a part of life. As a mom, finding peace and zen is near impossible. Plus, having just moved our family from one town to another there has been some added stress and limited calm in my life! When buying a new home, we knew we needed one thing—more space. The toys were invading our house, and we know we want to expand our family in the near future. Once we found the house, and were planning for the move, we knew we needed that same thing—more space—by getting a king size bed. With a #yogamama, #yogadad, #yogadog, and sometimes #yogababy in our current queen bed, there just wasn’t enough room. And finding that peace and quiet at night is so critical to being a productive, non-zombie-like human being throughout the day, and the positive, level-headed yogi that I am!

So the first new thing we got for the house was something we hoped would provide that place for peace for our whole #yogafamily—our @tuftandneedle mattress. It arrived the day we moved in, and it was amazing to come to our new home to find a present at our new front door waiting for us (without having to move it from one house to the next!). Yes, we’re still living out of boxes, but we did get our bed set up knowing that with all the stress of the move, and all the stress of now unpacking, we would need that peaceful place to go to at the end of the night.

And while all this sounded great, that first night was the true test. Well, guess what, we not only got in a quality snuggle sesh before bed, I got the best night of sleep that I’ve gotten in a long time. Maybe it was the fact we were finally in the new house and not packing, maybe it was the peace of mind knowing we found the perfect house for the family, or maybe, just maybe, it was the new mattress. And even though #yogababy came into bed with us early in the morning, as a whole family we were able to find some much needed calm in our crazy lives! The mattress has become the best place in the house – a place for us all to get some rest, a place for us to cuddle and read a book, and a place for mama to take a time out for a moment of zen of her own (or at least try to!).

We’re slowly getting settled into our new life, new home, new commute, and new surroundings. And I’m learning now, that yes, home is where the heart is, but it’s also where the calm is.