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our 3 favorite storytime yoga books

A very important part of Levi’s bedtime routine is storytime. It comes in between yoga together and lullabies. It’s a time when we can sit together and learn from each other. For me, it’s an opportunity to see how much he’s able to learn and eat up in the stories we read. For him, it’s an opportunity to sit down and see my excitement about each word. While I love our yoga together before bed, I equally love storytime. It’s such a moment of peace, learning, and togetherness that I can’t end my day without. 

In our search for the perfect bedtime stories, we’ve read about trucks, animals, and even pooping (Everybody Poops is amazing!). But it was when we read books about yoga that Levi’s eyes really lit up. He started to see the illustrations doing the poses we do every day, and hear the joy in my voice as I read about each one. It made our bedtime routine of yoga and stories and lullabies a cohesive experience. So it seems only fitting that we share with you our three favorite yoga books for storytime! 


Rachel’s Day in the Garden, by Giselle Shardlow

This book is the perfect example of a book mirroring our yoga story. Plus, the little pup in the book reminds us of Geronimo! The book follows Rachel and her dog Sammy as they head outside and find yoga poses inspired by nature along the way. Sometimes we read along to the story and do each pose, but when Levi is a tired bear, we’ll read the story and he points at Rachel in each pose. I know he doesn’t fully understand it all yet, but I can see his excitement when he points out Rachel, and I can tell he recognizes the pose. It’s a beautiful bedtime story, and the illustrations are colorful and too cute. #yogababy gives it his two little thumbs up.

Learn more about Rachel and Sammy, and hear what other mamas have to say at: 


Piranha Yama, by Dr. Bill Kalatsky

Levi and I got the opportunity to preview this book in advance of its release, and we love it already. I was looking for a book with a meatier story about the yoga mentality. I try to show Levi everyday how to find calm, courage, and breath, but this story helps me tell him all about it too. It’s an amazing story about Yama the Piranha learning how to swim through the currents of life, and I can’t wait to continue reading it to Levi as he starts to understand more and more of what the story is all about. Plus, the illustrations complement the important and beautiful message so perfectly. #yogababy gives this one two of his teeny thumbs up too.

Learn more about Yama the Piranha and support this amazing book at: 


Yoga for Kids: Simple Animal Poses for Any Age, by Lorena V. Pajalunga

This was one of the first yoga books we read together, and we both ate it up. It’s all about a little boy showing his cat Nino poses for each of the animals he met at the zoo. Each page shows the animal, and the little boy in the pose that represents that animal. It’s a great way to connect each yoga pose to something memorable. I know this one will be one of Levi’s favorite when he can start showing Geronimo the poses just like the little boy shows them to Nino! #yogababy has those thumbs up for this one too!

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So whether you’re looking to teach your little one more about yoga, looking for a book with a positive message, or looking to be combine yogatime with storytime, these books come #yogababy tested and #yogamama approved!