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peace of mind and motherhood.

I realized early on that motherhood meant constant worry. Worry that the baby wasn’t breathing. That the baby wasn’t eating enough. That baby’s neck wasn’t safe. That there were germs everywhere. That there was something wrong. It felt like my level anxiety would never go down. But then I realized there are three key things that help a mama like me breathe and find peace of mind:


My friends warned me that once I had a newborn, I wouldn’t sleep. I don’t think I really understood that fully until I had a little nugget crying and pooping and freaking out. I loved our time together nursing, that was a time to snuggle and connect, but otherwise, sleep was a rare occurrence. I always loved having both my husband and I together to take care of our little guy at the same time, but I slowly realized we needed to split duties and each get sleep when we could. Sleep was a cure all. Sleep was the thing that kept us sane in all the insanity. Sleep was what allowed us to keep being the best little human savers that we could be. 


I had my regular yoga practice before baby, but once baby was born, yoga seemed like it would never happen. If I wasn’t nursing him or changing him, I should be sleeping (see above!). But once I was cleared by my doctor, I realized that my regular practice was still possible, I just needed to include my little man. Sun salutations became a tickle fest, planks became a time to giggle, and child’s pose became a snuggle moment. It wasn’t just a time for me to reflect and relax, it was also a time to bond with my little man. Yoga pre-baby was a time for me to be peaceful and reflect on life, and now yoga is a time not only to find that same peace of mind, but also to bond with the best little nugget I could ever wish for.


There are few things beyond human snuggles that allow me to master this parenthood thing. I haven’t realized how amazing technology really is until vacation (where I am while writing this) when I wanted to find not only the peace of mind I’ve been looking for but also some alone time with my hubby. One piece of tech we brought with us was our new Owlet. We figured it’d be easier to pack than the monitor and camera, and it would be a better monitor than just seeing what was happening. Well, let me tell you, this thing has been a lifesaver. I have a habit of staring into the baby monitor at night, watching for signs of breathing or movement to make sure he’s still alive. Now I can SLEEP, knowing that the Owlet is silently watching over my little guy so I don’t have to. Being able to sleep on vaca has been amazing, but being able to sleep rather than worry is even more amazing. 


I know, being a mom is full of worry. But there are ways to balance the constant worry with peace of mind. And I think the right combination of sleep, yoga, technology, and snuggles is what is making this whole motherhood thing that much easier for me. Motherhood is part learning as you go, part supporting other moms, and part finding the peace of mind to get you through another day. Because, after all, we’re killing it on this whole mom thing. The trick is to realize that we’re doing an amazing job just like these other amazing moms around us.