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pose of the week // october 26 2014

mountain pose // samasthiti

Mountain pose comes in two different forms - Samasthiti and Tadasana. There are many different definitions of why these are the same and different. But my take is that Tadasana is a more active pose, where you find strength and balance in your standing posture. Samathiti is more of a calming pose, an opportunity to find stillness and center your mind. As the weather continues to cool down, Samasthiti is a pose is an opportunity inside and outside practice to ground yourself in the present and find peace.

pose of the week // september 21 2014

down dog // adho mukha svanasana

Downward facing dog, or Adho Mukha Svanasana, is a foundational pose of yoga. A pose to come to at the beginning of class to check in with your body, a pose to find between vinyasas, and a pose to find calmness of the mind throughout your practice. Come into this pose from plank, cobra, up dog, or tabletop position. Ground into both feet and both palms and send your hips up and back. Find a straight line from the palms of your hand, through your spine, and up thru your tailbone. Find that same length from your heels through your sit bones. Find equal strength through your arms and legs as you find stillness in your body and mind.

pose of the week // september 14 2014

warrior 1 // virabhadrasana 1

Warrior 1, or Virabhadrasana 1, is a pose of power, grounding, and growth. With your bent right leg forward and your knee directly over your right angle, ground your back foot at a 45 degree angle behind you. Shine your hip bones ahead as you raise your arms overhead. Find equal strength and grounding in both feet as you extend from your hips through your spine and up through your fingertips. 

pose of the week // august 3 2014

mountain pose // tadasana

Mountain pose, or Tadasana, is anatomical position and the foundational pose of yoga. With both feet planted into the earth, lengthen from the heels of your feet, through a straight and natural spine, up through the crown of your head. Strengthening your spine and legs, open through your shoulders. Then gaze forward while grounding your mind in the present.

pose of the week // july 6th 2014

warrior 2 // virabhadrasana 2


Warrior 2, or Virabhadrasana 2, is a pose of strength, grounding, and opening. A somewhat standard pose in your yoga practice, Warrior 2 is a pose of constant growth and strength. Coming from Down Dog, step forward with one foot, bending in your front knee, and spin your other foot parallel to the back of your mat. Windmill your arms to either side of you, reaching through all fingertips and from the crown of your head through your grounded feet. You will feel an incredible strength through your foundation, and extension and light through your upper body.

pose of the week // june 29th 2014

triangle pose // utthita trikonasana

photo 2.JPG

Triangle pose, or trikonasana, is a pose of beauty, strength, alignment, and opening. Coming from Warrior 2, straighten your front leg. Reaching forward through your front fingertips, and keeping a natural spine, hinge forward and down from the hips, bringing those front fingertips to your shin, a block, or the mat. Extend the top arm to the sky, creating a straight and powerful line from the tips of your right fingers to the tips of your left fingers and beyond. You will feel a sense of grounding and strength through your legs, and a beautiful opening through your spine and chest.