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pose of the week // october 19 2014

warrior 3 // virabhadrasana 3

Warrior 3, or Virabhadrasana 3, is a pose of balance and length. Starting from Warrior 1, bring weight into your front foot, leaning forward and sending your back foot out behind you. Extend your arms forward, creating a straight and strong line from the tip of your back toe through the tips of our fingers. As with all Warrior poses, find a true sense of power in your body and mind.

pose of the week // october 12 2014

plank pose // uttihita chaturanga dandasana

High Plank pose, or Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana, is a pose of strength, length, and determination. As we all know from high school gym class, high plank pose is hard to hold, but can provide your arms with a real workout. Chaturanga is a central asana of yoga, and the more you practice, the stronger and more solid this posture gets. Starting from forward fold (like in a sun salutation) or from down dog (flowing forward), ground through your palms and lengthen from the crown of your head to your heels. Find power and show your high school gym teacher who's boss!

pose of the week // september 28 2014

warrior 2 // virabhadrasana 2

We've explored Warrior 2, or Virabhadrasana 2, before, but this is a time to settle back into the pose. With your legs apart, your back foot parallel to the back of your mat, and your front foot facing forward, sink deep into your front knee. Find an opening and strength through your hips and legs, shine through your chest, and find length from fingertips to fingertips. 

pose of the week // september 21 2014

down dog // adho mukha svanasana

Downward facing dog, or Adho Mukha Svanasana, is a foundational pose of yoga. A pose to come to at the beginning of class to check in with your body, a pose to find between vinyasas, and a pose to find calmness of the mind throughout your practice. Come into this pose from plank, cobra, up dog, or tabletop position. Ground into both feet and both palms and send your hips up and back. Find a straight line from the palms of your hand, through your spine, and up thru your tailbone. Find that same length from your heels through your sit bones. Find equal strength through your arms and legs as you find stillness in your body and mind.

pose of the week // september 7 2014

side plank // vasisthasana

Side Plank pose, or Vasisthasana, is a pose of balance and extension. Starting in a high plank, step slightly to your left, then shift your weight into your right hand and foot. Roll to the razor's edge of the right foot as you open your chest and lift your left arm. Create length from your grounded right hand to the tips of your left fingers, and find extension from your flexed feet through the crown of your head. Repeat on the other side to balance out benefits of the pose.

pose of the week // august 24 2014

chair pose // utkatasana

Chair pose, or Utkatasana, is a pose of strength and extension. Bring your big toes to touch, grounding into all four corners of both feet. Sit back, bending your knees and extending your arms. Keep a straight and lengthened spine from your tailbone through the crown of your head. Shine through the tips of your fingers. Feel strength and grounding through your feet, but feel an opening and light through your chest and fingers.