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Top 4 Brands for Maternity Yoga Wear

Finding yoga wear that is colorful, strappy, or trendy is easy. But finding yoga wear that is comfortable is a challenge. Then try finding yoga wear that fits and supports a pregnant belly or allows for easy nursing, and that’s impossible. This pregnancy, I was on a mission to practice yoga until the end, and therefore needed clothes that supported that mission. And in my mission, I found 4 amazing brands that have helped me from 12 weeks to 40 weeks, and will still be my go-tos once this little guy makes his appearance. These 4 brands every #yogamama-to-be and new #yogamama need to know about.


Bravado Designs

Bravado’s mission was to create a stylish and comfortable nursing bra. And in their creation of an amazing nursing bra, they also created a supportive community—supportive for mamas and supportive for the ladies (literally)! They have all different styles of nursing bras, including the Body Silk Seamless Yoga Bra, which keeps you comfortable during yoga, and lets you easily nurse mid-vinyasa!

I’ve found that Bravado has all different nursing bra styles that work for literally situation I find myself in as a mama. Whether sleeping, lounging, running errands, nursing, pumping, or doing yoga, they have options for all. And they are all not only comfortable but supportive too.


Bao Bei Maternity

Bao Bei Maternity creates what they call “a sports bra for your belly,” and that’s exactly what it is. The founder, Suzanne, is a Physiotherapist and combined therapeutics with activewear to properly support a pregnant mama’s growing belly. Not only do they have these amazing support bands, but they also have support tanks that are perfect for nursing, and postpartum high-waisted leggings that fit exactly how a new mama needs.

This pregnancy my belly got so big that I absolutely needed support in order to make it through not only a yoga class, but through every day, especially in my third trimester. This band has been a lifesaver in helping me continue my yoga practice, because without it, this belly has a mind of its own!



Bamboobies speaks to the fact that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but that it’s NOT always easy. They started when the founder, Kerry, couldn’t find a comfortable nursing pad that didn’t allow leakage. They have since grown to create more comfortable nursing wear, including bras and tanks, that help new moms in their breastfeeding journey. The fabrics they use are so soft, and the design is truly around what a nursing mother needs. Their new yoga nursing brahhh is that same comfy fabric but with more support for a yoga flow.

I relied on the Bamboobies nursing pads during my first breastfeeding journey, and this time around I was so excited to see their expanded product selection. Their nursing tanks are bound to be my go-to tops postpartum, and their new yoga nursing brahhh is perfect for the mommy and baby yoga classes I’m planning to teach come May!


Pink Blush

Pink Blush is at the intersection of fashion and motherhood. They have such cute maternity clothes, and an amazing selection, that just searching through their site you’ll have at least 5 items in your cart by the end. Their gorgeous clothes will allow you to feel pretty in every trimester (even those last few weeks when you feel huge!). And they have amazing workout gear as well – including colorful leggings and tees.

This pregnancy I got so many compliments of how stylish I still was even as my belly grew. I didn’t have to resort to mumus and baggy tops, I was able to look trendy and show off my baby bump, rather than hide it. It was a bonus too that I could rock not only gorgeous dresses, but also yoga leggings that fit and were comfortable even this late in pregnancy.


So whether you are a mom-to-be, a new mama, or are thinking about doing the whole pregnancy journey again, the brands above are definitely ones to keep in mind. They not only have a women’s body in mind, but a mama’s body in mind. From newly pregnant to 40 weeks (like I am in these photos!), and from cleared for exercise postpartum to nursing, you’ll find the support, literally and figuratively, from these amazing brands!

Pictured here (from top to bottom):
Bamboobie's Yoga Nursing Brahhh in Jet Black, size Small
Bao Bei's Pregnant to the Core Support Band in Blush Pink, size Small
Pink Blush's Multi-Color Abstract Cropped Maternity Yoga Pants, size Medium

Pictured here (from top to bottom):
Bravado's Body Silk Seamless Yoga Bra in Pink Heather, size Small
Bao Bei's SpeedBUMP Sport Band in Black, size Small
Pink Blush's Multi-Color Abstract Cropped Maternity Yoga Pants, size Medium